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Candlelight Walk and Vigil in support of Immigrants Rights.

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Danbury has once again, this week, been the victim of ICE Raids. It has been reported that 14 have been taken in this latest round of ICE raids which were carried out at the homes of the victims. Many of the arrests made during late night hours (midnight raids) and some of them, without warrants for arrests. ICE continues to terrorize our local immigrant community, using Nazi-like tactics to do so, and continues to take advantage of the isolation of many in our Immigrant Communities to provide the least possible chance of them obtaining adequate, and timely legal aide in cases where victims might face deportations. Many of those taken in this latest round of raids have already been moved on to Massachusettes. They are being permitted only the most minimal communication with family members (I have reports of two minute conversations with their spouse, in some cases).

We as a compassionate community of activists, local residents, faith communities, and civic groups need to have a response to these unjust, and terrorizing raids upon our brothers and sisters.

For that reason, we are organizing a night time, candlelight walk on Wednesday 5/16 at 8:30 pm from the Courtyard of the Danbury Library (corner of Main and West Streets) to Kennedy Park (the site of past raids upon day laborers on Kennedy Ave, in Danbury), in protest of our city's collaboration with ICE and with other anti-immigrant agenda's.

Please Join us as we walk in solidarity, in a peaceful, and legal demonstration, with our Immigrant Brothers and Sisters and declare that these raids MUST stop! that the tearing apart of communities, and family's MUST stop!

A peaceful rally will be held at the close of the walk, at Kennedy Park, in which members of the community are welcome to voice their support for Immigrants in our Community, their Opposition to the Raids, and their objection to the terrorizing of the most vulnerable members of our communties.

What: Candlelight Walk and Vigil for Immigrants Rights
Where: Meet at Danbury Public Library, and walk to Kennedy Park.
When: Wednesday, May 16th, 8:30 PM.

Please bring a candle for yourselves, and any extra's you are able to bring.

In Solidarity,
Jean C. Hislop
Danbury Area Activist for Immigrants Rights.

More information to follow.
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On September 30th, 2007 04:18 am (UTC), photodharma commented:
Te adicionei há tempo.
Nem sei se eu sabia na hora que você é brasileira.
Acho posível que lhe adicionei por cause do fato que é UU.
Hoje, estou tirando pessoas da minha lista, e vi, que você nunca
me adicionou.
Mas, embora disso, vou manter você na minha lista.
Espero que tudo da certo ai em Danbury.
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