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Educational Forum 2/3 in Hartford, CT.

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For your information :) I hope to see some of you there :)

Stop the Raids!
Stop Disappearing Latino Workers!
Public Forum on the Situation in Danbury

7:30 P.M.
· Representative, Campaign to Stop the ICE Raids in Danbury
· Isaac, Day Laborer arrested and jailed by ICE
· Jim Welcome, Attorney for the Danbury 11
· Simon Moshenberg, Yale Law School, Attorney in Lawsuit against
Homeland Security
· Fr. Thomas Mitchell, Pastor, St. Augustine Church
· Representative, SEIU, Local 32BJ

What Happened in Danbury, Connecticut?

On September 19, 2006, eleven day laborers were approached by an
unmarked van with hardhats on the front seat. The workers jumped into the
van expecting to go to work, but were instead taken straight to jail.

The government refused to release their names, leaving their families
unsure of the fate of their loved ones. They were taken 150 miles away
to impede their defense. Soon six were shipped to two prisons in Texas.

The Danbury 11 joined the nearly 16,000 Latino workers currently being
unjustly held in a system of local and national prisons.

This raid, like all the other raids being carried out by ICE
(Immigration & Customs Enforcement –arm of Homeland Security) is designed to
induce terror and keep workers from fighting for decent wages and

Expert legal help and demonstrations have freed 9 of the Danbury 11 on
bail. However, ICE has since arrested 6 more immigrants in Danbury.
The mayor and chief of police have vowed that raids will become a normal
part of life in Danbury.

Join us in the defense of immigrants in Danbury and elsewhere! Stand
up for immigrant rights and STOP THE ICE RAIDS!

Initiated by the CT Regional Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Sponsored
by the Western Connecticut Central Labor Council. For more information
go to http://www.stoptheraids.org, or call 860-538-3920.
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