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NOW, is for ME.

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I'm not doing this anymore.
I cannot protect you.
I cannot love you.
I cannot worry for you
I cannot care about you,
OR take care of you.

I cannot BE your friend,
if you are NOT a friend.

I cannot make you important to me,
When I am not important to you.

I cannot make you a priority in my life,
When you refuse to allow me INTO your life.

I cannot give you room in my heart,
When your heart remains cold to me.

I am not an obligation.
I am not a burden.
I am not someone to whom you owe service, charity or credit.

I am a human being, with a heart.
A woman, who loved you.
A friend, who cared.

And until you appreciate all of those factors.
Until you cherish the laughter, the craziness, the tears, and the
anger, and the goals and the dreams and the hopes, and the fears
of this woman who stands before you...

Until you see the heart inside me, and find real love, concern,
warmth, care, and friendship inside yours for me...

I don't need you. I need you to leave, and stay gone.
* * *