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I haven't done my post election post, mainly, because I have simply been basking in the glow of happiness. Yes, friends, we have begun the long overdue process of tossing our criminal government out of office. Thank GODS! (Now, the only thing I think that could be better at the moment is if we immediately withdrew all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and took Bush out of office, and put him on trial for war crimes..but, for now, I'll celebrate this victory).

The dems have won both Senate, and House. The biggest sweep in gods know how long, and restoring my faith (to some extent) in the American Public. Sure, it took a lot longer than I wished, and true, the Neocons should never have gained power in the first place. However, little by little the exposure of the Republican Lie/War Party has become apallingly clear to the vast majority of the Voting population. Well, except for that ever present fundamentalist idiot populace. But we'll ignore them at the moment.

The fact that Rumsfeld has finally resigned brings me immense happiness all on its own. But I had to laugh out-right today when I saw this article:

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld acknowledged Thursday progress in the Iraq war has not been going “well enough or fast enough” in his first extended remarks since announcing his resignation under political pressure


Good On You, Rumsfeld. You've finally admitted to what was SICKNINGLY clear for the longest time to anyone with a brain.

In news of local politics, my old classmate, who also happens to be the first "Boy" I ever had a serious crush on, and the first boy whose number I ever worked up the courage to call (all the way back in my fifth and sixth grade years of school), won the state representative seat in my district. YAY JAY! I got to see him, talk to him on the phone, and got a big hug at the polls, which just about made my day. But what was even better than that hug, was knowing that I got to cast my ballot for not only someone who is a friend from the past, AND a total cutie pie, but someone whose platforms I actually DO agree with, and a person whose values, and integrity are beyond reproach (well..at least, so far. Don't let me down, Joe!). He does seem to be, by far, the best person they could have voted in. Knowing what I do about how he was raised, and who he is as a person, I was very proud to pull that little lever over his name that night. It's good to see when the good guys win.
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