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1. Service today "Good Enough". Very touching. I feel so overwhelmed by the kindness of these people at the UUA. The minister, especially. What a wonderful woman. Gotta love a "church" that has "Your Song" By Elton John as their welcome music this week, and "I love you just the way you are" By Billy Joel for the musical reflection.

2. Strept throat gone. After effects of antibiotics in force though :(

3. I wonder who felt more jolted today, when I saw him on the road. Me, or Him? I didn't feel it as powerfully as I used to. It didn't shake me that badly. He waved. He craned. He looked a bit more jolted than I felt.

4. Back to work tomorrow. Glad because I've been bored. And need the money. But, gods..I got used to sleeping so much.

5. Busy week. Wheels of Justice tomorrow at WestConn. Social Action at the UUA Tuesday (plus voting day), Danbury for Peace Wednesday, Thursday free after work, Friday "Newcomers Coffee" At UUA, Saturday "International Multicultural Dance for Universal Peace". Sunday, Church.

6.Tired, but have laundry in.

7. Reading "White Masai", and Listening to Indigo Girls "Perennials". Also bought Eddi Readers Live in London. Good album.

Yeah..I wish he'd call, and that we could talk. Just like friends. Wonder if it will ever be possible for us to do that, and to not feel strained while doing it.
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