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Sanford "Witch".

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This Halloween, Connecticut witches are seeking justice for Mary Sanford and others who shared her fate.
Sanford, a 39-year-old mother of five children accused of witchcraft by neighbors in 1662 because she drank sherry in the woods, was hanged in Hartford on June 13 of that year for her alleged misdeeds.

Modern-day pagans such as Debra Avery, an eighth-generation descendant of Sanford, and her 13-year-old daughter, Addie, are trying to get official state exoneration for Sanford and others executed for witchcraft in Connecticut during the 17th century.


Well, here is a little bit of interesting information. It appears I am most likely descended from this same Sanford Line. I am waiting to hear back more details about that line, however, according to my family tree, I am the 10th Great-Grandaughter of Thomas and Sarah Sanford. Thomas was born in Dorchester, MA in 1637. He died in 1683, in Fairfield, CT. Mary Sanford, and an Andrew Sanford, were both accused of Witchcraft in 1662, in Hartford, CT, but only Mary was put to death for the charge. Fairfield, is very close to Hartford.

Regardless. Interesting, that I am a modern day witch.

Also interesting, that the cemetary right down the road from me hosts many a Sanford Grave. Interesting, that one night, while feeling inordinantly "Witchy", I and a certain someone wandered into that cemetary on a bright and stary fullmooned summer night, and created a memory I will forever savor between he and I.

I wish I could tell him, I wish he'd understand the connection there. He'd probably just laugh, and feel uncomfortable. He'd never really understand, I don't suppose..what it means to me, even more today, than it did that night.
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