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War Profiteering.

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If you haven't heard about War Profiteering, it is time that you did.
If you weren't aware that there are HUGE companies, making HUGE amounts of money off of this
"War" in Iraq, then it's time that you were made aware.
If you weren't aware that our government officials are taking campaign contributions from these
huge companies, such as Halliburton, Bechtel, CACI, Lockheed Martin, and others, then, you should have been.

But maybe you haven't. And so, you should stop what you're doing, visit www.iraqforsale.org, order the DVD, read through the website, and start acting, NOW.

I believe that many people were made aware in a far more nebulous, intangible manner, that Cheney had a relationship to Halliburton, and that Halliburton was a Government contract company, and was making alot of money in Iraq. But, I believe many do not, to this day, know exactly the depth of this corruption, know which other companies are involved, and know exactly why they should care.

Allow me to paint a brief picture for you.

Each day, Government Contract companies such as those mentioned above make MILLIONS of dollars in this war. MILLIONS. A DAY! For what? Doing the laundry of our soldiers (for which they charge almost a hundred dollars per bag of laundry to our governments account), to food service (which they serve three meals a day, on a set schedule, leaving our soldiers prone to attack while they are waiting in line to get their meals, rather than going to a 24 hr schedule, which would allow our troops to eat in shifts)to delivering mail (even one bag of mail, apparently 'needs' to be delivered by an entire envoy of contractor trucks, protected by armored vehicles, which of course, are all billed to our governments account). Haliburton, as an example, is even in charge of making sure a clean and fresh water supply is given to our troops for bathing, medical, and drinking. Never mind that GALLONS of this water was found to be contaminated, on further analysis by Parasites, disease, and toxins. Our servicemen are even put in charge of training these contractors to do jobs that they themselves could be, and should be doing.

And, let's not even get into the larger issues. Such as our communications being handled by Contractor companies. That's right kiddos...sensitive intelligence information being entrusted to private corporations who have contracts with our government, handed to our military men. And we WONDER why so many roadside attacks are happening that "nobody saw coming"? Or how about the fact that many of the interrogators used at prisons such as Abu Ghraib, are actually not military at all, but, yes, once again, Government Contract Employees with companies such as CACI. Of course, the government thinks that's better than having our own men do it. That way, when the abuses are leaked to the news, a few token servicemen are courtmartialed, the abuses can continue, and the true abusers never, ever can be traced back to our government. Isn't that just lovely?

Are you tired of the War in Iraq? Most of us are. But who is driving this war? Do you really believe it is the Iraqi government begging us to stay and restore their infrastructure? Do you really believe that Bush, and Condi are simply concerned about early withdrawal of our troops creating instability in the region? Think beyond that. Who do Bush, Condi, Cheney, Starr, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld et al serve? Big Corporations, like Halliburton, Bechtel, CACI, etc. And why do they serve them? For a glance into that, simply go onto www.iraqforsale.com, and check the facts and research page. You can actually see lists of which senate and house members took campaign contributions from these corporations. And, if you just extrapolate that into the higher ranks of our government, i.e, BUSH..well, i'm sure you can get the picture. The administration doesn't want to end the war. The corporations SURELY do not want the war to end. Watch the movie, to see why. What i've just related, is only a drop in the bucket of the information available in that movie. All checkable facts, and testimony from the Contractors themselves, and the families of contractors who have died over there.

Watch the movie, feel your anger, and then Act.

Election day is November 7th. Let's make sure that the Republicans do not retain control, and when we finally DO get a Democratic House, let's make sure they vote against supporting War Profiteering.
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